KT Looney

Writer + Director


→  June 2018: KT's play House of Telescopes will be presented as a public reading in Pipeline's Week of Extraordinary Risk at Jefferson Market Library in NYC. 

→  Autumn 2018: KT will present a workshop of a new play in Judson's Magic Time series.


→  April 2018: KT begins collaborating on the development of a new play within Southern Rep's 2018-2019 4D Cohort as a Director.

→  January 2018: KT workshopped play-in-progress House of Telescopes in Pipeline's Springboard event. 

→  November 2017: KT's short work This Lonely Anus was presented in Pipeline's Night of Extraordinary Risk event. 

→  October 2017: KT directed their short play Gil vs. The Galaxy in Insomnium's Nightmare theater event at Chinatown Soup. KT again assistant directed Theater for the New City's Halloween Costume Ball.

→  August 2017: KT performed in Kim Hoeckele's Rosy-Crimson at Hercules Art

→  July 2017: KT has been selected for Pipeline Theatre Company's 2018/2019 PlayLab. They directed Jordan Ho's play Choose Your Character in the 2017 Trans Fest at The Brick Theater

→  June 2017: KT was an Artist-in-Residence at The Barn Arts Collective to develop a new play.

→  May 2017: KT's play Inheritance of War was presented in Theater for the New City's New City New Blood reading series May 8th 7pm. They directed. 

→  April 2017: KT's theater piece Salt Kid Watches Brooklyn Burn was featured in the 2017 Downtown Urban Arts Festival and performed at Joe's Pub at The Public Theater. They directed.

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